Bedstuy Film Festival

Established in 2017, The BedStuy Film Festival (“BSFF”) provides a platform where films from diverse perspectives can be showcased. Founded by Richard Beavers and Nickie Robinson, this nonprofit organization not only seeks to increase the exposure of filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, but also is committed to spotlighting new voices and views, especially local ones, from a variety of cultural, gender, racial, and age perspectives.


The Inaugural BSFF will take place from September 21-23, 2018 at the renowned Richard Beavers Gallery, located at 408 Marcus Garvey Boulevard in the heart of the Brooklyn, New York neighborhood for which the festival is named.



Each day, the festival will spotlight a film chosen by the founders that aligns with the festival’s mission of showcasing diverse voices. In addition, the BSFF will offer panel discussions, which will focus on the nuts and bolts of filmmaking—from screenwriting to raising capital for an indie film and new distribution models.


Submissions for the 2019 BSFF will begin on October 1, 2018. Categories include: Narrative Feature Films, US Documentary Feature Films, U.S. Short Films, Foreign Films, and Episodic Content plus a Special Children’s Film category to encourage youth to showcase their talents.